Hear What Our Associates Have to Say… - Consult

Hear What Our Associates Have to Say…

“Consult makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger.”

Teresa Kasiarz, Hearing Instrument Specialist & Owner, Woodland Hearing Aid Services, Inc.

“Consult keeps me relevant and competitive. That’s why I have been with them for 20 years.”

Elizabeth Protti-Patterson, Au.D., Owner, REM Audiology

“Consult has been a steady force in keeping me focused and energized through their constant interactions and high levels of engagement. They are my partner and help execute rather than just telling me what to do.”

Rina Valia, Principal Owner & Hearing Aid Specialist, Eartone Hearing Aid Center

“I’ve worked with other companies, and I don’t know why anybody would want to work with anyone but Consult. I feel like I have a whole team behind me who knows my business and it gives me a lot of confidence in making decisions. They’re my partner in everything I do. I can’t say enough about what they’ve done for my practice.”

Dr. Jane Brady, Au.D., Owner & Director, Horizon Audiology

“Consult is a great organization—from the Account Managers to the marketing department to the human resources services. They keep me focused on what needs to be done throughout the day to get the practice to the best possible place.”

Jon Ayes, Owner, Associates in Hearing Healthcare

I absolutely could not run this practice or be a successful salesperson without the knowledge and the motivation that Consult provides.”

Julia Tyner, Hearing Instrument Specialist & Owner, Wesson Hearing Aid Center

The Recruiting department is excellent. They challenge us to think differently about the staff members that we hire. And that’s always a good thing because it gets us candidates who can develop in the way we want them to.”

Tony Thatcher, Business Director, Evolution Hearing

“Jason DiOttavio has helped me place a few front office positions over the last couple of years. He conducts the first stages of the interview process and knows which candidates to pass on to me. I appreciate his opinion on potential candidates.”

Dr. Teresa Dundas, Owner, Audiology Services of Marin, Inc.

“A big growing pain every practice faces is staffing. That’s why we relied on Consult’s recruiting services. We now have four locations and are fully staffed.”

Terri Ellert & Ric Felder, Owners, The Hearing Centers of Arizona

“Jason DiOttavio has been a huge asset to our practice in recruiting new hires. He consistently grabs the attention of new candidates, appropriately screens for our needs, and coordinates the next steps for hiring and has done so for several high-level individuals.”

Jessica Aguinaldo Cimolino, Director of Operations, Audiology Associates

“We’re constantly using the strategic business plan that Consult created for us. It’s keeping us focused on what’s going on so that we’re planning ahead and being proactive instead of reactive.”

Cameron Mills, Director of Operations & Hearing Instrument Specialist, Dr. Woods Hearing Center

“Consult’s Sales Analytics team has been helping me review our numbers and target areas of weakness and strength. We’re able to see how small changes like capturing additional Out of Warranty opportunities each month and moving them towards a new sale can really add to the big picture.”

Jane Brady, Au.D. & Owner, Horizon Audiology

“People need to understand Consult’s ability to proactively address the analytical side of your business. You don’t have to have to be an MBA graduate—that’s what Consult is there for. They can teach you how to read the data, explain what it means, and show you how to use it to affect change. They’ve been able to uncover trends in the data and present them each month in an executive summary.”

Steve Piotrowski, COO, Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants

The benchmarking and data provided by Consult were instrumental in convincing our previous hospital administration of the viability and potential of our Hearing Center. We find ourselves using this fantastic business service again only four years later, to persuade a new leadership team of the benefits and profitability of dispensing hearing aids within the hospital environment.”

Liz Cozzi, Director of Audiology, Carondelet Health Network

Having a marketing plan as well as the support to follow it, manage it, and review it, really is priceless. It’s a service that other practices pay a lot of money for, and we have it at our fingertips.”

Suzette Pace, Au.D., Owner, Cortland Hearing Aids, Tri-City Hearing, Southern Tier Audiology

Consult Marketing is a great asset and has been wonderful to work with. They’re really great at getting back to me and helping me finalize materials before we send it out to our community.”

Vincent Won, Practice Development Coordinator, Audiology & Hearing Center of Tampa

Our marketing plan has really helped us continue to grow and find new patients.”

Debbie Knapp, Au.D., Co-owner, The Hearing Group

Consult has provided me the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge throughout my transition from front office professional to hearing aid dispenser.”

Deanna Stevens, Hearing Aid Specialist & Regional Supervisor, Delta Hearing, LLC

“I look forward to the weekly PDR [Practice Development Representative] calls. I typically learn something new or get a new perspective and I think it’s great that other PDR’s across the country are able to share their experiences with each other.”

Vincent Won, Practice Development Coordinator, Audiology & Hearing Center of Tampa

“Kate’s steadfast support and the resources she provides are invaluable. She encourages participation from all of the practice representatives on our weekly ‘Kate Call’ so that we can learn from, inspire, and support one another in our common efforts.”

Kirsten Griffin, Front Office Professional, Tri-City Hearing

“I’ve had my Account Manager come in for training with my providers and front office and she does a great job of making sure that everyone is focused. We do weekly calls with the providers, front office, telemarketer, and the office manager. So, she’s always touching my staff and making them the best they possibly can be.”

Jon Ayes, Owner, Associates in Hearing Healthcare

I was extremely pleased with how easy and convenient the event was from start to finish! The Consult call center did a wonderful job making all of the outbound calls and securing all the appointments for the event. It was wonderful to see my patients faces light up when trying some of the new technology available, and we ultimately sold a number of new hearing aids, hopefully improving their quality of life!”

Ted Feigenbaum, Co-owner, Buckbee Hearing Aid Center, LLC

“We did an Upgrade event about six months ago and Consult helped me through the process from the beginning to the end. They supplied the letters, they did some telemarketing for us, and we had a great result. We booked about 35 appointments and sold 21 units.”

Jon Ayes, Owner, Associates in Hearing Healthcare

“We started doing one Consult Upgrade event a year then expanded to twice a year. At our best event, we sold 45 units and made over $100,000.

Megan Nightingale, Au.D., Chief Audiologist & Owner, Peninsula Hearing, Inc.

“In the year since we began working with Consult, with Dr. Heather Carter, Au.D. as our Account Manager, we’ve been looking at our business differently, managing more strategically, and planning for a more successful future.”

Hillary Dow, MBA, Practice Manager, LA Hearing Center

“Always ready with facts and statistics, Kate [Thomas] has given me valuable ideas and talking points to present to referring entities for the practice. When my confidence in my role wavers, she has always been there for me with encouragement to boost me up and to inspire me.”

Kristin Seiler, Practice Development Representative, Lemme Audiology Associates

“We are a busy hospital clinic but being able to contact Julie [Gesuale] and ask her to visit us and help create a patient database for future marketing outreach was priceless. Her upbeat attitude and ‘what can I do to help’ mentality allows us to have a safe and creative place to land in order to be mentally prepared for the day.”

Jennifer Titus, Au.D., St. Luke’s Hospital, Warren Campus

“Diana [Dobo] really helps me with getting all of my key performance indicators in line, keeping me on track and moving forward. I know where I’m at and where I need to be.”

Tonia MacPhail, HIS & Owner, Stanwood Hearing

My staff’s relationship with my Account Manager, Leah Breuers, is terrific. They look forward to her sharing her knowledge during the weekly calls that we do, and they embrace the Consult mindset.”

Jon Ayes, Owner, Associates in Hearing Healthcare