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The Nation’s Largest Recruiter of Audiology Professionals

Save yourself time, energy, and money—Consult YHN will fill open positions in all areas of your practice, including audiologists, directors of operations, front office professionals, business development specialists, and medical billers. For ENT practices, we can help you hire allergy nurses and physician assistants.
The caliber of talent that we place is unmatched by any other professional staffing company. Our process is designed specifically for the hearing healthcare industry and is backed by 25 years of experience.

Our full lifecycle of recruiting services:

  • Job competencies and descriptions
  • Targeted and effective postings
  • Candidate screening, interviewing, and job fit assessment
  • Documented feedback
  • Reference checks
  • Drug tests and expedited background checks (upon request)
  • Negotiations, offers, closing, and onboarding

“The Recruiting department is excellent. They challenge us to think differently about the staff members that we hire. And that’s always a good thing because it gets us candidates that are willing to develop in the way we want them to develop.”


– Tony Thatcher, Business Director, Evolution Hearing

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