Managing Business Activities Two-Day Workshop

The Consult YHN Managing Business Activities (MBA) program has been the cornerstone of our company for over 20 years and was developed specifically to enable your staff to generate more revenue and increase profitability.

Our MBA program is so successful because we focus on practical methods you can implement immediately on your return to improve the profitability and productivity of your practice.

During our two days together, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the operational and financial status of your practice.
  • Build a strategic plan to grow your practice.
  • Speak with other like-minded business owners and, together, uncover and overcome the challenges and obstacles that can prevent you from achieving your goals.

27% Revenue Growth
31% Profitability

Using our tested systems, procedures and methods, we will design a strategy to grow your revenue by 27% and multiply profitability by 31% — within six months!

It is important you attend this class because it is a critical part of the approach for reaching your business goals and getting the most out of Consult YHN. The only cost to you is your airfare and hotel. We cover class registration, materials and food during the workshop.

See for yourself how Consult YHN keeps you ahead of the curve in this competitive market.

Contact 800-984-3272 for more information.

To register, select a city below:

St. Louis, MO | October 4-5, 2018

St. Petersburg, FL | October 4-5, 2018

Walnut Creek, CA | November 8-9, 2018

Charlotte, NC | November 15-16, 2018

Westchester, NY | December 6-7, 2018

Contact 800-984-3272 for more information.