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Industry-Leading Allergy Software for ENT Offices

Are you an ENT offering, or looking to offer, allergenic immunotherapy? Xtract Immunotherapy Software understands your protocol and speaks your language. Its software includes several critical features developed with the ENT practice in mind. Xtract believes that safe and effective immunotherapy begins with the tools necessary to manage the entire clinic, from the time the patient walks in, through the diagnostic process, immunotherapy vial creation, and injections.

Developed exclusively for ENT practices, this cloud-based program includes functionality that streamlines testing, injections, charting, and billing. Whether you are an Otolaryngology practice that follows the AAOA protocols to the letter or does something unique, Xtract Solutions software is the most customizable and feature-rich in the allergy software category.

Xtract Immunotherapy Software offers the following benefits:

  • Increased Profitability:
    Xtract increases profitability by eliminating volumes of time-consuming paperwork. Utilizing Xtract, all patient information – testing results, history, prescriptions, and insurance – is easily retrievable and viewable on a single screen. There is no flipping back through a chart. Inventory information is available within seconds, including all extracts, vial contents, and expiration dates.
  • Cloud Computing:
    Cloud computing means there is no need for an on-premise server. It also eliminates the need for an IT person on staff or a contract with an IT company. Data is secure and easily exchanged between all stakeholders – physicians, patients, insurance companies, and clinics.
  • Patient Safety Improvement:
    Xtract Immunotherapy Software includes safeguards to ensure all injections are correct for each patient. Xtract helps calculate serum and diluent amounts, and a vial barcode scan for each injection ensures the correct dose.
  • EMR Interface:
    Xtract integrates fully with patient EMRs. The provider does not have to use two different systems or screens, thus saving time. The detailed patient history is viewable in a customizable format.
  • Dedicated Kiosk:
    Xtract’s dedicated kiosk organizes the waiting room for both incoming patients and patients who are completing the mandatory observation time after injection. Patients check-in with a fingerprint or pin. Touchless check-in is also available. After injections, patients can view their excuse time on a monitor and check themselves out.

Xtract software is a great example of the kind of innovative and proven business solutions Consult has been providing ENT clinics across the country for over 25 years. Click here to learn more about our ENT Solutions.

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