Brian Becker has recently returned as the Western Director for Consult YHN, bringing 10 years of experience in the hearing industry and 18 years in the medical community. Previously, Brian served as an Account Manager in the company’s Northeast Division. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Akron in 1997 and pursued his medical training and master’s coursework at Southern Methodist University where he was certified in Project Management and Root Cause Analysis. Brian served 8 years in the U.S. Army as a Reconnaissance and Medical Liaison Officer. He is also a green belt in Six Sigma process improvement.*

Scott Berger joined Consult YHN as Director of Sales and Marketing Analytics in 2010 after working seven years in the medical devices industry. He has spent the majority of his professional career in finance with a focus on sales and marketing analytics. He holds an MBA in finance from Hofstra University.*

Leah Breuers is Director, ENTA. She has more than 15 years of sales and consulting experience, both inside and outside of the medical industry, and has worked with emerging and Fortune 500 companies.*

Jodi Bryan is Consult YHN’s Human Resource Manager. Prior to joining the organization in 2013, she held HR positions with progressive responsibilities in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and banking industries. Jodi has been certified as a Professional in Human Resources since 2000.*

Dr. Heather Carter is an Account Manager for the Northeast Division and brings a unique perspective to Consult YHN as a clinical audiologist. She received both her master’s and doctoral degrees in audiology from Gallaudet University, the only liberal arts college for the deaf in the U.S. She has more than 15 years of experience working with individuals with hearing loss. As assistant director of audiology in a private practice, she was able to utilize Consult YHN’s tools to more than double the practice’s hearing aid sales.*

Bill Connerton is the Divisional Vice President for the Northeast Division. Prior to Consult YHN, Bill worked for J&A Marketing, a military distribution firm. While there, he managed key accounts and vendor partnerships, and increased sales from $4 million to $32 million.*

Diana Dobo was as an Account Manager for three years before being named Divisional Vice President for the West Division. Prior to joining Consult YHN, Diana was a Senior Sales Manager with AcusisLite Practice Transcription Services and served as an Adjunct Faculty member with the International Academy of Design and Technology. Diana has 16+ years of experience in sales, marketing and business development. She is passionate about helping her team and her customers achieve outstanding results.*

Kenneth Gregory serves as Training Manager for Consult YHN. Formerly an Account Manager for the Northeast Division, he has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and has more than 20 years of operations experience in retail and pharmacy healthcare.*

Pat Marotta is an Account Manager for Consult YHN’s ENT Division and has been with the organization since 1998. After dispensing hearing aids for six years, Pat became the New England regional manager for Beltone. While with Beltone, he primarily worked with dispensers to increase market share through advertising and manpower, and set up more efficient office processes and procedures.*

Mary Catherine McDonald is an Account Manager for the South Central Division. Before joining Consult YHN, she worked for an education franchising company and was responsible for the training, support and growth of 70+ locations. Mary Catherine has a master’s degree in administration and leadership from Niagara University.*

Edward Miller is an Account Manager for the Northeast Division. A 20-year hearing healthcare professional, he spent 16 years with Siemens Hearing instruments — four as the Major Accounts Manager helping networks connect to manufacturing resources. Prior to joining Consult YHN, Ed was the Regional Director of Sales for Accuquest Hearing Centers.*

Ernie Paolini is responsible for Human Resources and Recruiting Services at Consult YHN. He has more than 20 years of experience in building and managing technology-driven HR and recruitment organizations. His areas of expertise include behavioral interviewing, employee relations, compliance, and onboarding.*

Ridgely Samuel is a Manager of Training and Development. Prior to joining Consult YHN in 2005, she was employed in a management development program in the finance and accounting department of Circuit City Stores, Inc.*

* Financial: Consult YHN employee who receives a salary for employment. Nonfinancial: No relevant nonfinancial relationships exists.