Consult Competitive Advantage - Consult

As leaders in hearing health, we are committed to ensuring that our Associates are competitive in a constantly changing market landscape. Over the past few years, Third Party Administrator (TPA) plans have grown in presence, influence, and impact within our industry. While these plans serve some in a positive way, they can present challenges for many Patients and Providers.
The Consult Competitive Advantage program allows Associates to provide alternatives for patients pursuing a lower cost option through internet sales and big box stores, and for patients who have a managed care discount (uncovered during verification, but not referred). Consult provides the framework for our Associates to have an alternative to their flagship product so they don’t experience over-discounting and can control their own profitability through a secondary product offering.
The Consult Competitive Advantage is designed to give your patients the service and product options that compete with these groups while preserving your commitment to providing high-quality technology and care. Many providers see this opportunity to provide a better level of technology which leads to increased patient satisfaction and higher acceptance rates.

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Consult Competitive Advantage

Program Overview

  • Competitively priced product portfolio with recommended patient pricing, affording Associates the ability to compete with reduced priced products
  • Associates can control their margins through appropriate pricing
  • Product training
  • Resource Guide with scripting and price list

Benefits to Patients

  • Better overall experience
  • Quicker fitting appointment
  • Less complexity
  • Less paperwork
  • Ease of care
  • More service and product options

Benefits to Associates

  • Competitive with internet and big box retailers
  • Incremental revenue increase over traditional managed care fitting fee (you set the patient price and thus the profit margin)
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Tethers patient to the practice
  • Less administrative work
  • Confidence working with products and fitting software
  • Faster receipt of hearing aids