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Would you spend $4,000 to make $52,085?

The Consult Upgrade program is the most effective way to reach your patients and increase sales!

You’ll get all this for a one-time, flat fee of $4,000:

  • On-site dedicated Digital Technology Consultant who’ll assist with running your event, and work with your Audiologist/Dispenser to sell new devices.
  • Minimum of 15 hours of patient contact services to increase attendance.
  • Invitation package— designed and tested to maximize opportunities and generate sales.
  • Customized graphics for social media and Healthy Hearing Premier Profile flex space.
  • Targeted emails through Blueprint OMS.
  • Website callout and landing page as part of the Consult Digital Program.

Upgrade program supported by most manufacturers.

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I was extremely pleased with how easy and convenient the event was from start to finish! The Consult call center did a wonderful job making all of the outbound calls and securing all the appointments for the event. It was wonderful to see my patients faces light up when trying some of the new technology available, and we ultimately sold a number of new hearing aids, hopefully improving their quality of life!”

Ted Feigenbaum, Co-owner, Buckbee Hearing Aid Center, LLC

“We did an Upgrade event about six months ago and Consult helped me through the process from the beginning to the end. They supplied the letters, they did some telemarketing for us, and we had a great result. We booked about 35 appointments and sold 21 units.”

Jon Ayes, Owner, Associates in Hearing Healthcare

“We started doing one Consult Upgrade event a year then expanded to twice a year. At our best event, we sold 45 units and made over $100,000.

Megan Nightingale, Au.D., Chief Audiologist & Owner, Peninsula Hearing, Inc.

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