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February 15, 2019
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April 8, 2019
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Hearing Unlimited follows a simple philosophy: “hire hard, manage easy.”

Hearing Unlimited has been serving Southwest Pennsylvania since 1949. With five locations and a 26-person staff, Hearing Unlimited proves how important it is to build and effectively lead a high-performing team. Owner and audiologist, Christopher Eckert, M.S., CCC-A genuinely cares about the professional growth of his employees and heavily invests in their training and development. He, along with the rest of his providers, Front Office Professionals (FOPs), and telemarketers participate regularly in Consult’s Employee Development Program (EDP) and weekly teletrainings. Within the past few years, three of Hearing Unlimited’s FOPs have received training to become cleaning techs, one of whom is now a dispenser and another who is a testing tech. Additionally, the practice had relied on Consult YHN’s recruiters to fill positions. Director of Operations, Louis Condrasky, explains that hiring the right people from the start can make all the difference when it comes to your bottom line.

“Why do something yourself when you have access to an expert?”
Lou Condrasky, DO

Q&A with Louis Condrasky, DO

1How many employees have our recruiters placed in your practice(s)?
I’d say approximately 10-15 in the past 10 years.
2What’s the average tenure of your staff members?
We have very little turnover. We have 2 employees that have been with the practice over 12 years. I’m starting my tenth year. I would say the average tenure is around 5-6 years.
3Before using Consult YHN’s recruiting services, were you handling the entire recruiting and hiring process on your own?
Yes, and it was not good. It was inefficient. It wasn’t a competency issue, but it was taking time away from the practice.
4What would you tell a practice that handles its own recruiting and hiring?
Why do something yourself when you have access to an expert? While we can all probably do it, it pulls us away from the core responsibilities of the business.
5Why do you feel it’s so important to build the best possible team for your business?
There’s a phrase that we use: “hire hard, manage easy.” If we do not find or choose the right person from the hire date, we are going to pay for it on the backend. So, take the time on the front end. We do a lot of vetting with Jason and we try to set the bar high even if it may take us a little longer to get somebody in.
6Tell me about an employee that we’ve placed in your practice who has had a major impact on your company culture, efficiency, and/or bottom line.
We have a telemarketer that Jason found us that is an absolute delight to work with. She’s a superstar. She was working 11 years as an inside sales rep. Jason put her in front of us and I literally offered her the job at the interview. I never do that. I haven’t done that in almost 25 years. She waited a day. She played a little hard to get. But she came on board and has been phenomenal. I mean, she’s blown all of our telemarketing sales records out of the water. It’s not even close.
7Tell me about your onboarding process.
We have a structured onboarding program with a 2-4 week training process depending on what their experience level is. The 3 or 4 key players know what their role is going to be when a new employee comes in. If it’s a licensed provider, we have a finance director that meets with them on their first day to go through the HR functions such as benefit selections and payroll deductions. I then meet with them to go over our entire employee handbook, so they know right from day one what the expectations are. I usually take them along to meet all the employees at the other 5 offices. We’ve found that has been really good to onboard folks just so they can see where the other locations are and who their peers and colleagues are going to be. We also like to put people in the testing booth if they’re not a clinician, so they see what our patients go through.
8What would you tell another practice about our recruiting services?
The recruiters at Consult know what they’re doing. They have access to a wide swath of candidates that we couldn’t possibly have. What I think is most important is they keep great communication with us and let us know what they think about candidates. They’ll even make the calls if you want to set up interviews and they’re very, very responsive. The follow-up is phenomenal.