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January 16, 2019
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March 15, 2019
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Peninsula Hearing: one small leap of faith, huge rewards

Megan Nightingale, Au.D., opened Peninsula Hearing in a little yellow house in Poulsbo, Washington almost 30 years ago. Today, the practice still has the same warm, family atmosphere, only now it helps its patients at two different locations serving the North Kitsap and Jefferson County areas. Much of Peninsula Hearing’s success is attributed to the expertise of its tenured staff and commitment to community wellness. It also helps that for more than a decade the practice has seen remarkable gains by participating in the Consult Upgrade program. In fact, last year alone, Peninsula Hearing earned nearly $90,000 in combined profits from two Upgrade events.

Get out of your own way and let someone who has more knowledge than you help your business!
Megan Nightingale, Au.D.

Q&A Megan Nightingale, Doctor of Audiology/Chief Audiologist & Owner

1When did you do your first Upgrade event and how many have you done since?
We started doing one Upgrade a year in 2007 and expanded to twice a year in 2010.
2When you first heard about our Upgrade program, were you sold right away or were you at all skeptical?
I initially thought it was going to be too salesy and make my patients feel like they were being put through an assembly line from provider to sales consultant.
3And what did you think after your first Upgrade event?
I learned the patient perception is that this is a special event, so they respond to the marketing and letter. Patients understand and feel that we are doing them a service to bring in an expert—it doesn’t take away from the rapport we built with them.
4What was your most successful Upgrade event?
It was in 2010 and we sold 45 units and made over $100,000.
5Tell me about your experience working with the dedicated Digital Technology Consultant(s) (DTC) who assist with running the events.
I was surprised and pleased that the DTCs work as a team with the providers to continue to sell what the office usually sells, and they focus on high-end technology. It doesn’t feel like the DTC is coming in to override what they already do well.
6What would you tell another practice that might be on the fence about participating in the program?
Get out of your own way and let someone who has more knowledge than you help your business! And of course, the bump in sales doesn’t hurt!
7Is there any advice or recommendations you would give them?
Make it a regular part of your marketing plan. It’s such a good deal since you’re not paying the DTC commission. Use the DTC as part of the consultation, keep the appointments to one hour so the patient doesn’t feel rushed, but only offer the upgrade “special pricing” through that week; don’t let the patient linger over the decision. In fact, we do not send the patient home with the device, they only demo in the office.