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March 15, 2019
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The Hearing Group’s marketing strategy strikes the right chord

The Hearing Group team in West Orange, NJ has plenty of reasons to celebrate this year. First, 2019 marks the practice’s 15th anniversary, second, its seen consistent year-over-year growth, largely due to its comprehensive, omnichannel approach to marketing, and lastly, it’s become the preferred hearing care provider of a local ‘90s hip hop legend—Vin Rock from Naughty by Nature. So what’s the secret to its success? As audiologists and owners, Robbi Hershon and Debbie Knapp explain, there really isn’t just one. Rather, it’s all about finding the right balance, taking advantage of the resources available to you, and consistently tracking your marketing ROI so that you know what’s working and what’s not. Direct mail, call tracking, social media, community outreach —The Hearing Group covers all its bases!

“Our marketing plan has really helped us continue to grow and find new patients.”
Debbie Knapp

Q&A with Debbie Knapp, Au. D., CCC-A & Robbi Hershon (Owners & Audiologists)

1Why do you feel its important to have a comprehensive marketing strategy?
Robbi: It gives us a roadmap that guides us along the year. We can always tweak it as we review it quarterly. It gives us a plan, a schedule.
Debbie: It helps us hit our goals and reach more people than we would ordinarily. It’s our block schedule for marketing!
2Tell me about a few of your most successful marketing campaigns.
Debbie: After the launch of Oticon’s Opn, we did a direct mailer to our database and sold over 30 hearing aids. Also, our Upgrade events are always successful in driving our patients into the office and generate revenue consistently.
3Are there any marketing “rules of thumb” that you stick to?
Robbi: We try to hit each home consistently by using zip codes specifically reaching the areas where our patients come from. We also use our website to market, we blog consistently, and use Facebook as a marketing tool.
Debbie We also take advantage of ALL of our manufacturer Co-ops. They help us do more and stretch our budget.
4What are some issues or struggles you’ve had with your marketing in the past and how did you address them?
Robbi: Direct Mail—finding the right piece but also having the same piece not pull the same and it stops working. We use the ROI calculator to decide when we need to try something new.
5Explain the impact marketing has had on your practice’s growth.
Debbie: This last year we had over 5% year-over-year growth. With the market changes, reimbursements changing, and managed care, our marketing plan has really helped us continue to grow and find new patients.
6How long have you been tracking your ROI and what do you find most useful in Consult YHN’s marketing planning and ROI support?
Robbi: We’ve tracked our ROI ever since Consult YHN started tracking it. At least 10 years. We plan it out for the entire year and that is the best. We have the calendar, a schedule, everyone is on the same page. We don’t have to scramble; it’s our roadmap every year. The quarterly review with Julia (Marketing AE) is excellent as it gets us all on the same page.
7What are some tips you would offer to other Associates on best practices for tracking your results?
Debbie: Use a Patient Management Software—you can’t measure without it. We use CallSource and work with the Consult team. Kate [Assistant AM] helps by reviewing and analyzing our calls and helps train the front office staff on best practices.